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EcoVessel Summit Lid - White and Gray


The flip spout tops are replacements for the adult SUMMIT style bottles and will also fit the BOULDER bottle, PERK bottle, FROST bottle, and SPLASH bottle to give you added value and versatility.

A straw and ruler are included so you can easily trim to the length you need. We suggest you err on the side of cutting a little longer, as you can always trim more if needed. If you have an older bottle with 2013 stamped on the bottom or not dated, this top may not fit. If you are not sure if this top will fit your bottle, please contact customer care.

CAUTION: Spout could pose a choking hazard if chewed, bitten, or comes off. If using for a kid's bottle, please check the spout every time it is used to make sure there are no rips, tears, or damage and it is securely attached. DO NOT USE if there is any damage to the spout. NOTE: the spouts are NOT removable on these lids. If a spout comes off, STOP using it and contact us at 1-800-969-2962. Not recommended for hot drinks. 

Straw Top with Cut  to Fit Straw